Invisible Tape in hair


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It is only sold for professionals, not for private people

Invisible Tape in hair

Invisible tape differs from regular format tape in that it has a smaller width. Such a tape is almost invisible from the side.

The tapes are glued (polyurethane-based) and sealed for reliability using a thermal machine.

The polyurethane base of the tape is reinforced by a special grid. The tape base has a hair color for dark and medium shades, which makes e M-Russianhair xtension tapes invisible.

There is an polyester adhesive (scotch) on the tapes. It is no allergic and can be easily removed with alcohol-containing fluid for removing.

M-Russianhair tapes are very neat without causing hair to be pulled out and can be moved up repeatedly in case of careful use.

InvisibleTapes 4 cm wide 1 pack = 20 single tapes


Weight of 1 pack (20 tapes)

30cm 12″


40cm 16″


45cm 18″


50cm 20″


60cm 24″


70cm 28″